Candy Cotton

Cannabis Applications

Assistance and project management for medical or adult-use business licenses, at the local, state, or country level.

Project Management

Full project management services for all types of projects. Services include:

  • Developing a project plan, schedule, and work breakdown structure

  • Direct and manage project work

  • Manage subject matter experts, stakeholders, and other contractors/consultants

  • Monitor and control project work, making sure the project stays on schedule, individuals are performing as needed, etc.

  • Identify risks and manage risk responses

  • Plan communications such as weekly calls and team wide knowledge distribution

  • Assist with assessing and improving quality of work

  • Technical writing

  • Procurement execution, monitoring and control

  • Assemble, compile, collate, and prepare project for final format

  • Available 24/7 during a project


  • Create or edit to compliance Standard Operating Procedures, manuals, policies.

  • On-site implementation of SOPs.

  • Post-license award set up and inspection preparation.


  • Audits

  • Reports

  • On-site inspections

  • Update based on new laws and regulations

  • Packaging and Labeling checks.


​Contact agency and government officials to provide answers to questions or issues regarding your cannabis business.


  • Summarize new state, local, or country cannabis laws, ordinances, and rules.​

  • Examine laws and regulations based on the client’s interests.

  • Provide upcoming opportunities in new states and established industry states.


  • Land use​

  • Zoning​

  • Property compliance issues​

  • Mapping and GIS services