Opportunities in the cannabis industry are infinite.

Cannabis pioneers face a complex process of endless regulations and relentless competition to become part of this burgeoning market. For over 10 years, KOLAB has guided hundreds of entrepreneurs through the process of winning licenses. We manage every aspect of the application, licensing, and compliance process, bringing your vision into reality...

KOLAB Founder

Nicola Batten

A veteran of the cannabis industry since 2012, she has worked with cannabis businesses and cannabis campaigns across the county. She spent 7 years at the preeminent cannabis law firm in the county, serving as Regulatory Affairs Liaison, mainly focusing on helping clients successfully submit merit-based, competitive state and local cannabis applications. As a testament to her specialized knowledge and vast experience, Nicola has a high success rate winning cannabis licenses for clients across the country and receiving perfect scores. 


Our Mission

To cultivate the emergence of a cannabis industry that is more responsible, compliant, and inclusive.

Steve Fox
Nicola is a colleague, friend, and fellow cannabis industry professional. She is as dedicated and hard-working as anyone I know in the industry. We have literally worked around the clock together numerous times. Due to her work, a large number of applications she managed resulted in the applicants being awarded licenses to operate. 
5 / 5 stars

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