Cannabis Business Services

We have the wisdom and understanding of cannabis laws and rules, and how they apply to your business operations.

Get Licensed

This is the first step in realizing your dream of opening a cannabis business. Obtaining a cannabis business license can be complex and confusing, but we've been through it all. We will collaborate with you to put you on the best track to navigate this process seamlessly. Project management services for the whole licensing process from start to finish. Both adult-use and medical. Local, state, county, country, any municipal level.

• Providing the right answer to any question.

• Communicating with the right people to provide answers to issues and questions.

• Developing a business strategy that regulatory agencies want to see.

Exceeding the Requirements

We make sure that we submit everything required in the licensing process & that every T is crossed and I dotted. We improve the quality of work to exceed the minimum requirements and score better than the competition. We can provide technical writing and narratives on a wide variety of subjects - there's nothing we haven't seen before.

Final Submission

The final package of an application to obtain a license is a complicated process that we know how to execute perfectly, submitting your application on time, without deficiencies, and accepted for review. We assemble, compile, collate, and prepare the application for its final format. This process is controlled, monitored and executed seamlessly so that you have the best odds of winning. 

Project Management

An expert on project management standards and practices, we can manage all types of projects to reach your goals. 

• We develop and project plan, schedule, and deliverables.

• We direct and execute project work, manage all stakeholders, and identify risks and mitigate them.

• Monitor and control project work, keeping you on time, within budget, and within scope.

• Plan communications such as weekly calls and team wide knowledge distribution

• Assist with assessing and improving quality of work
Technical writing

• Procurement execution, monitoring and control

• Assemble, compile, and prepare project for final format

• Available 24/7 during a project

Cannabis Compliance

Winning a cannabis business license is an achievement, keeping and maintaining that license is another matter. We help your business with post-licensure preparation to pass that first initial inspection & we make sure your operations are in compliance at all times.

• Create or edit Standard Operating Procedures, manuals, and policies.

• Implement SOPs on-site.

• Respond to compliance citations and create plan of corrections.

• Audits of facility and operations.

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